John Stones Mistake Compilation Enlace Nacional RD





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  1. Bryant Overbey

    Tbh, its sad he gets so much hate. How many other young defenders can go to a top team and start. Mistakes happen to everyone, one day john is gonna be world class and prove you and everyone else wrong

    But good video ig

  2. Evil Hassy

    First mistake was a slip, it happens to everyone

    second was Kompany's fault he was out of position,

    fourth was when he was at Everton,

    fifth was a bad pass from Gundogun when we were already 2-0 down

    He also made a mistake at Leicester when we were 3-0 down and at Everton when we were 2-0 down. I except all these mistakes, he was taking extra risks because we were already down. He was trying too hard but he's been top, top class lately. In big games he's left 1v1 against some of the best strikers in the league. How many other CB can deal with the pace of Mane with 50 yards behind them? Not to mention how our full backs are basically useless and slow. John Stones is the reason why were so good at breaking down teams that park the bus, such a clever passer, he dictates how we attack. If you don't have a quality first pass to midfield then it's very hard to break teams down.

  3. Pip Piperade

    His school obviously didn't have a woodwork class – because that's where he should have gone. A vastly overrated and desperately unintelligent defender, he's a dream player for any quick-witted opponent.

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