There’s another “Questions for White People” video- and it’s the worst one you’ve ever seen.

SOURCE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8fgDrvgfFM

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FBI Table 43

Fiscal Impact of Whites, Blacks and Hispanics



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  1. Crystal-Adair SnapsAndSings

    I'm not a former slave owner, so…… These questions, as well as the ones asked on the BuzzFeed video, are so fucking ignorant.

  2. Bill Power

    Be honest. You are CRINGEWORTHY and of course throw these intellectually dishonest questions out there, WITHOUT sticking around to debate. I WONDER WHY!!

  3. Pirate Candy

    The first European that discovered America wan an italian named Amerigo Vespucci…. then the viking, Lief Erikson (hinga dinga durgen), then the spaniard, Christopher Columbus

  4. Festus Davis

    How many times are you going to make the argument, "black people commit more crimes?" You can't possibly know that. The statistics you point out are conviction rates, which actually prove the left's argument about systemic racism. Unless you believe that every crime that has ever been commited has been ejudicated properly, which would be an incredibly ignorant position to hold.

  5. Merritt Olsen

    remind the racist idiots that are proud to claim Egypt as the great African civilization. Egypt was also the first to start slavery. I guess us whites are due reparations from Africans for the 1.4 million white slaves in the Barbary slave trade.

  6. Andrew Reid

    Columbus didn't actually "discover" North America even in the sense that you specified. Lief Eriksson discovered it centuries earlier, and Columbus didn't even go to North America. All of Columbus's achievements were falsified centuries later by what we would now consider a fanboy.

  7. Mike Wilson

    Blacks are the most racist people in this country. I have absolutely no white guilt and I never will. Blacks have a horrible attitude. Thats why some whites seem scared of them. They are low life weapon carrying criminals. You can't tell who is a criminal by looking at them.

  8. Dark Death

    You can tell this man is trying to cover up his hatred for the black community. Brother yes all lives matter but if you were black for 1 god damn day you know damn well you would think differently about how the world treats us folks. Y’all don’t know how it feels to be black so don’t you even comment about our history or lifestyle. Imagine walking down the street minding your own god damn business and somebody calls something racist out at you it’s disgusting. Or imagine getting pulled over by the cops fearing for your god damn life beacuse this motherfucker cannot help but grab his gun out for running a red light by accident. Ain’t no such thing as racism towards white people. Yeah there’s bullying but ain’t no racism at all it’s just the facts and y’all get so triggered beacuse you know we’re speaking that truth on god ? you’re a white privileged insecure boy who ain’t educated at all. You only all for the white side. RACIST

  9. Thugli

    you actually forgot columbus wasn't the first european to discover america, that was the vikings, but I do get your point and completely agree

  10. Purp13luver

    Hate to break it to you but I’m half white and I have black friends and family members. Not all whites are afraid of/hate black people ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  11. Dr. Right

    The discovery argument is stupid. You can only discover something that is already there. "Hey I just discovered this new song, check it out!" It doesn't mean you were the first, just that it was new to you

  12. Lil Kiki{Senpai}{wolf/cat}

    James allsup no one said all white peo are scared of black people and you keep going back to your little chart talking about black people have the most crimes or whatever get some real facts and not a dake peice of paper no offense but you disgust me.

  13. Stonezster

    Wow, so racist. Why are so many Black people so racist when White people do nothing but try and help them, world wide…Someone has clearly headfucked you with leftist bullshit…

  14. Quinn Dammann

    Interestingly enough: african americans are much more likley to be descendents of former slave owners than any random white person considering that the slave owning population was a relitivly small portion of people in the US. And that proportion goes down as you consider post civil war European immigration. But "y'all Whitey crackas betta' pull outtcha family tree!"

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