BuzzFeed has questions, I have answers.

And yes, I know the video is old, but I’m pretty new to this YouTube thing, so I thought it’s fair game.



Fascinating article by Richard Lynn:

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45 comentarios en «24 ANSWERS FOR BLACK PEOPLE Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. #1Plat

    On the question of why people want to tough back peoples hair, (I have natural hair, from my mum) maybe they want to touch it because it is different and I take it as a compliment. I wouldn't want to touch someones hair if it looked nasty.

    I have a question, why does Buzzfeed have to exist?

  2. 7vendredi

    James, If you read these comments, I'd like your views on the following… Is the corporate media being used to deliberately make blacks angry and feed their rage? I think George Soros is too simple an answer. What evidence points to political action groups as the engine behind the racial rage machine? I know the Democrats benefit directly from poverty and inequality and have no real incentive to resolve those issues, so they are likely accomplices. Some of the sources of funding for BLM have been named, but why are they doing it? BLM isn't working toward any realistic solutions. They just appear to be another agitator in the rage machine. I have my own theories, but I'd like to hear yours.

  3. Willie GOMEZ

    Every political standpoint has its biases. Politics are a joke. American politics are an oxymoronic and antagonistic manifestation where propaganda is used simultaneously to control the democratic and republican vote. To point fingers and use “fake media” as an argument is invalid. There is no ‘real’ media, where everything is objective and not intended to influence society for its own purpose. “All lives matter” is not a neutral movement, it’s used in a manner to generalize everyday struggle IGNORING demographic inequality. We all have different struggles in contemporary America, and to act like our European-Structured government doesn’t suppress anyone is ridiculous. Likewise, the media(which doesn’t necessarily need to lie) over emphasizes an activist agenda creating these divisive young liberals who antagonize the right-wing as if they were all racist, insensitive people. It’s true that leftist movements tend to create a great amount of over-sensitive and misinformed teens who label racism and sexism where there isn’t but it is also true that brainwashed “Conservative” teens are raised to think that everyone in the U.S grows up in the same conditions. If you didn’t grow up in a roach-infested housing project you can’t possibly say that minorities are brainwashed crybabies. Donald Trump took advantage of the uneducated whites(yes, there are uneducated whites) blacks, and Latinos in this country, meaning it doesn’t matter what political standpoint you stand by if you are misinformed. It’s also true that democracy is utilized for capital gain since “capitalism is colorblind”. Hollywood uses democracy to influence, the same way facts are manipulated by so called ‘woke’ conservatives. This man is just as brainwashed as anyone. Politics create antagonism, until you don’t get that through your mind, you will never understand American society. “We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us,politics divided us, and wealth classified us”

  4. mr. mr.

    Its unfortunate that school teachers r tied behind their backs. It would be better if she could say. Shut the fuck up and sit down before i call the cops. And i would say that not caring if kif was black or white

  5. Fraser Tilson

    Why do they always have to be so immature and condescending when they make these "for wypepo" videos? Do they think it's cute or something?

  6. SurvialForDummies Basic essentials

    I’m no racist, I’m dark black, and here’s a joke I love ‘why do black people always die first in movies? Because they always hide in the shadows. Plus most African Americans are more Brown then black.

  7. Lauren Carr

    It's because black people have names like "Shananaquiana" and other stupid shit. And they never want to acknowledge actual crime statistics. I've also had some black chick touch my hair without asking because she though it was "weave" because my hair it's almost to my knees lmao. It was awkward

  8. Livfor Sun

    i like the fact you use statistics however my research has told me those statistics are based on the monthly quotas required for police to arrest or they are punished or even fired. Not 2 mention Obama increased quoyas for blacks every month while in office now how fucked up is that?

  9. D Murphy

    Oh my you can tell this white guys a racist, He just have an answer to everything, He forget to say how many white racist from the KKK their are around the world, And that white people do commit more crimes just they do it in mass killing, People are still the same white are really not to happy being around black people. Wake up mr spokesman,

  10. jeremiah rich

    I hate the BLM and racists blacks. Liberal snowflakes who seem to hate jews also. I am a white jew and blacks hate me also. Jesse from the fallen state has it right. Every black woman I have met have an attitude and think they deserve more when they contribute less. No wonder black guys go for white woman. They dont have tha nasty attitude black girls have.

  11. jeremiah rich

    blacks commit the most crime. Period…They walk around with pants saggin, rap music blastin about selling crack and being in a gang, selling drugs. They idolize complete garbage. Funny how every black rapper idolized trump until he became president. I hate libtards.

  12. Rachel Mutiti

    Okay. So, I, as a black woman, don't really mind when a white woman(or man, or person of any gender identification and race) wears hairstyles that are "traditionally black". It's okay for anyone to try new things. What I don't like is when someone not of the race wears this hairstyle or clothing item, and then acts like they invented it. It isn't right for you to take credit for what is not yours. But if you're just trying it, I legit don't care.

  13. Lil Kiki{Senpai}{wolf/cat}

    James allsup i personaly dislike you no offense but you will never understand black people unless you were then and felt their pain when they got hung and hurt by white so if black people are still holding a little hate i don't blame them i would love to get along with white people but 50% white are just rude to me and disrespectful that is my opinion.

  14. Billy Gibbs

    Their always going to play the pitiful pitiful me story while they sit and soak up the welfare system and convince everyone they need more than me.

  15. Lin Yen Chin

    My chinegro ass is confused…but it's true we of negro blood are strange…but so are the yellow faces aka "asians"(at least in what they eat)but no excuse for any form of evil…we've got to rectify our disarray…y'all!

  16. Chris McWilliams

    I'm white. Back in my senior year of high school, I grew my hair out to shoulder length. One night, I was playing in a D&D game with some friends and some people I kind of knew (not as well but pretty well).

    One of them lost their character about midway through the game and I guess he got bored and begged me to let him put my hair in a poney tail (still kind of fasionable at the time).

    It was a little strange but I wasn't uptight about it or anything so I told him to go ahead. It's not that big a deal.

  17. captain huggyface

    :Why is it when white people discover new trends, they;re new "Black"trends"????Probably because Àfrica as a whole DID NOT discover the wheel until colonization……Get it????

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