3DS Impressions from Nintendo’s Press Conference Enlace Nacional RD

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GameSpot editors respond to the price and launch lineup of the Nintendo 3DS.


23 comentarios en «3DS Impressions from Nintendo’s Press Conference Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Darth Revan

    Lol apart from the blond haired guy, the rest just hated on the 3DS. The long haired guy:

    " I don't think the 3D will be particulary great.. "

    " I think Super Street Fighter IV looked better without the 3D "

    Dick heads.

  2. Mighty Bastard

    @jjalepeno55 I didn't mean to imply that ALL guys with long hair are hippie, pot smokers who can't enjoy 3D. My apologies if I offended you and your hair. I used to have fairly long hair myself. The army took my hair away.

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