8 Dan Savage – Huckabee on gay marriage Enlace Nacional RD

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24 comentarios en «8 Dan Savage – Huckabee on gay marriage Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Nadia

    Dude! Can you put a warning in the description next time. I was eating when I listened to this. The last thing I want is a mental picture of Mike Huckabee getting pegged.

  2. lepin

    The Religious Reich is interested in what's going on in gay people's bedrooms only when NOTHING is going on in theirs. That's what makes it so not-hard for Mike Huckabee. He and the missy ain't doin' nuthin. Lordy, sure hope the sheep are locked up safe.

  3. zignumt

    The stupid ass probably thinks these children of unmarried mothers were fathered by guys before they decided to turn gay. That makes at least as much sense as anything he has ever said.

  4. Lady Beldaran

    There is one word in that sentence that I have a problem with: hate. Its one thing so say something along the lines of "I disagree with the way Savage makes his points" or "I disagree with Savage on point x" but hate? I realize you probably didn't use the word literally, but I honestly thing we throw around words like hate far too blithely.

  5. amy glass

    Openly gay men don't make women pregnant and abandon the child for her to raise as a single mom. Gay men hve babies through surrogacy, joint or co-parenting with a lesbian couple or adoption. Mike Huckabee is confused if he thinks gay men are gonna leave their gay relationships and go marry single mothers. The people who should marry those single mothers are the deadbeats who got them pregnant- not gay men trying to fight for equal rights.

  6. drexloc

    UGH! What a filthy, disgusting excuse for a human being. Doritos were my favorite chips since i was a youngster, but now i will NEVER touch another bag again due to the fact that your despicable name is tied to them(and always will be, no going back). Vicious fags such as yourself are the reasons why most people dont accept gays and never will. Not only are are you a virus to mankind, but also a virus to your own fellow homosexuals.

  7. Richard Speights

    This video presentation is the epitome of crapping in the middle of one’s neighbor’s living room floor and calling the act profound. Vulgarity in the guise of argumentation is not constructive nor is it profound or convincing. (Although the speaker has certainly convinced me never to shake his hand.)

    Yesterday’s extremes are tomorrow’s norms. This is just the beginning, and it will not stop until the entire world is steeped in perversion of all kinds. What are the limits when there are no more limits? Where is the end of unquenchable desire?

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