A Quick Look at the XBOX 360 HD DVD Player (Jane-Finch.com) Enlace Nacional RD

A Quick Look at the XBOX 360 HD DVD Player
2006 / 3:24
Starring Paul Nguyen
Directed by David Nguyen


39 comentarios en «A Quick Look at the XBOX 360 HD DVD Player (Jane-Finch.com) Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Richard West

    Yo man, do more of these. This is actually, a great idea. I would have like to see how long it took the toshiba to load Maybe you could have stringed those clips together. Not bad for two hundred..and its nice and small… Good job.

  2. angeli662

    He didn'e mentioned 199.00 for the add on plus you have to get the 360
    why not just get a PS3 with BD which is a much better player.

  3. djlobb

    The point of NOT INTERGRATING the HD-DVD drive into the Xbox360 is to keep the price down, Think about someone with a Standerd TV which there are Thousands of people, They would be wasting money using a Bluray drive to watch a HD-Movie on a standerd TV, but with the Xbox360 you don't have to pay that extra money for something your not going to benefit from anyway, think about that.

  4. azn1011

    blu-ray already has 96% of the japanese market and stores in places like australia arn't even selling hd-dvd. did i mention that blu-ray is outselling hd-dvd almost 3:1? oh, and 7 out of 8 of the major movie studios are support blu-ray over hd-dvd.

  5. larrym5150

    Jesus Christ. The Ps3 came with a Blu Ray movie. They come with coupons for discounts on Blu Ray movies. Sony has to literally give the damn movies away. And how many of you jackasses went and paid 1 grand for a BR player? Yeah, I didn't think so. When you go to Best Buy, they are shoving the shit down your throat. They finally have an HD DVD set up.

  6. Daniel A

    man i was scared, i thought that to make this 360 hd dvd player work, you needed those 2 cables that cost over 100$ this is so worth it im getting it

  7. The Computer Nerd

    I agree with you angeli662 and I also like that you have a choice. But microsoft should have one version of the xbox 360 with a built in HD-DVD player and the other with a standard DVD drive. Is it that hard microsoft? It would make much more sense than that piece of shit addon especially when there is already a cd bay. Why do you need another addon. Please make HD-DVD built in!

  8. Kayo Gibelatto

    ——————/´ ¯/)
    ——–('(———- ¯~/'–')
    ————-———– fuch ps3 fan boys!!!!!!!!

  9. BigJSquables

    stupid concept Microsoft makes you buy all kinds of peripherals while the ps3 has everything built in. Perhaps the only dirt thats on the ps3 is that the new slim consoles force you to buy a ps2 to play your last generation game library. Firmware can change that though!

  10. faithless8888

    good vid Paul but i have one thing to say i have both systems and i think for gameplay xbox rules but however playstation is at least smart inough to go with his time 🙂

  11. MetallicBill

    I just got one, cause it was DIRT ASS CHEAP!! Five bucks However, no AC adapter, so I have to run it outside of the case I imagine… I'll be checking for HowTo videos on that. I wonder still, after several videos, what does one need the green disc for, My friend says that Windows 7 supports the drive, and the latest WinDVD and PowerDVD

  12. selerim

    I bet that guy must've got mad when HD DVD player was reduce to $49.99 after it got discontinued. I have one bought from the flea market for $5 with 3 movies, king Kong, Apollo 13, and Blades of Glory

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