A Watchdog report on xbox 360 and the discs getting scratched whilst playing the game. Enlace Nacional RD

A report about customers of xbox360 owners who bought games and the games when played made a circular scratch


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  1. guitarplayerforu

    I have a xbox 360 slim 250gb and had it since release 3 years ago in july this year and its never happened to me! Best option, build yourself a gaming pc that knocks 7 bells out of a xbox 360 and ps3! I use both but 360 graphics look dated compared to my gaming pc!

  2. Toastie2win

    Microsoft wont care lol, it clearly says in the manual "do not move the games console while there is a disk in the loading tray" its not microsofts fault people dont know how to read a fucking manual.

  3. Hawlucha

    The first time my 360 Super Elite scratched my disk was on a carpeted floor, which could be partly to blame as it can be an uneven surface. The second time, it was on a shelf. Both incidents happened in the same summer at an apartment, and they were horizontal. I don't know how the vibrations between a standard house and that of the apartment's residents' vehicles differ, but the apartment's could be a factor to the scratched discs.
    I feel as though Microsoft intentionally leaves out anything about house vibrations since it might deter consumers from buying the system, and would receive a sales count lower than today's. They then stand behind their explanation that the user must have moved the console. It feels a bit unfair that they did not do anything to the disc tray to minimise or eliminate the problem, especially when an older model of the 360 had the problem.

  4. River Huntingdon

    Ferrari of games consoles? Ferrari = overpriced and unreliable. Much as I hate videogames, there should be enough mechanical clearance within the mechanics to allow for the odd jolt or two, without causing major failure. Planned obsolecence strikes again. Absolute rip-off.

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