AC360: Dan Savage Takes on Tony Perkins Over Prop 8 Enlace Nacional RD

On Anderson Cooper 360 Dan Savage takes Tony Perkins to task over Proposition 8.


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  1. Heri Matta

    Sodom and Gomorrah is coming near you. The poop chute was meant for one purpose. When you stick something in there you get something in return. what's next, beastiality? Gays want Proposition H. Homo is a sin. Period !!!

  2. Richard Abeysinghe

    Tony Perkins is another false prophet discriminating & spreading hate in the name of God, lying through his teeth about fake scientific findings & poling data. Younger generations totally understand that same-sex marriage is a breakdown of our basic values? No they do not. You can't just expect your beliefs, opinions & religious to be applied to all the people…that is tyranny. That is the system in place in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Emirates, Syria where human rights violations are commonplace & religion is used to persecute against women, minority races ethnicities & religious groups, etc. Is that what America needs to be?

  3. zamaz99

    I agree that Tony Perkins is so obviously a self-hating Closet Case of the first order. Come on out, Tony. You'll be much happier, and that way you won't have to spend so much effort covering up your extreme gayness by being hateful and spewing nonsensical mythology written by primitive Middle Eastern goat diddlers.

  4. Jack Guthrie

    I couldn't even watch 30 seconds of this. It was so frustrating. Anyone who thinks Tony Perkins isn't a homophobic bigot needs to look at all the countless homophobic things he is quoted as saying on the Southern Poverty Law Center's page on him. He's a homophobe plain as day.

  5. Jackson Pastoor

    Well done Tony, people can't marry blood relatives because if they have children there is a danger of deformity or mental defects and people can't marry underage people because by law they cannot consent. Next.

  6. brandonisi

    Perkins is insufferable. So glad his views have been slowly dying out. I thought the day that I got married, I’d silently gloat to myself that we won. Instead, two years ago, while I was saying my vows to the man I’d already spent the last ten years with, Tony Perkins and people like him couldn’t have been further away in my mind. All I could think about was how happy I was to be getting married and to have both our families there to witness.

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