Adventures in Nintendo Censorship: Maniac Mansion – TGS Enlace Nacional RD

Rinry’s take on Nintendo Censorship:

RinryGameGame takes us on a tour of how Nintendo censored Maniac Mansion when it ported it to the NES. Their strategies for making a game family-friendly were… interesting.

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Adventures in Nintendo Censorship: Maniac Mansion – TGS


46 comentarios en «Adventures in Nintendo Censorship: Maniac Mansion – TGS Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Chris Chilcoat

    You spotted a shading error. Here's the link for any curious visitors: gameadvanceplaythroughs.weebly(DOT)com/uploads/1/1/5/8/11580409/__teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles_iii_instruction_manual.pdf

  2. Chris Chilcoat

    I'm surprised there's no reference to the new character music when listing the upgrades to the NES version (no criticism, though — love your vids Rinry). The new music added so much more personality to the characters.

  3. Hummer2SUT

    It's not a "Shading Error", The Upper Part Her Jumpsuit Had been Ripped Off, and You can Clearly See an Euphemized Nipple, it was Made on Purpose, I got Images of The Full Manual, and Your Link it's not Working.


    Personally I find her voice very peaceful and incredibly cute.I don't get how some can find it annoying.At least she does'nt sound like she's an over sexualised bimbo that has to always be on camera for the purpose to be seen on camera to flash her body parts just to get more viewer hits off of YT.

  5. Graham Ferguson

    I guess I'll always prefer the NES version because it's the only version I knew about for so many years! Finding out that the dialogue was watered down must have been a bummer to those who were familiar with the original, but it doesn't bother me. I wouldn't change a single pixel! Except I might make it so you can fix the staircase…

  6. Noah Covert

    For the "inconsistent censorship" you have to look at the dates they were released. Nintendo's infamous policy was put into effect in mid 1988, so games released earlier weren't required to be censored for licensing. Take Kid Icarus for example, which was released in 1986, which explains why it was not censored.

  7. Alex Smith

    You can still play Maniac Mansion just use SCUMM or Emulator are maniac mansion deluxe ver just work download and play , There is also a new German ver but only demo and it is in English , I hope it is done soon but they been making it for like 5 years

  8. MncDssctn

    Aboot time that I found a video with the censorship in the NES contra the C64 version of MM. Sorry Rinry, you are awesome, but I can't help laughing at the Canadian accent.

  9. SuperShesh2

    really, if even youtube, which has gone berserk about being "age appropriate" let your first censorship video go, then im pretty sure that nintendo is just doing random changes.

  10. RarefoilB

    You know, through ROM hacks it's possible to get a best of both worlds… Is a NES hack that de-censors Maniac Mansion floating around? I have to look that up.

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