Alex Jones-Exposes Beck-Savage-Limbaugh Enlace Nacional RD

Jones breaks down the Left vs Right Paradigm by using the above gatekeepers as a example!!

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26 comentarios en «Alex Jones-Exposes Beck-Savage-Limbaugh Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Ela Lamblin

    Alex Jones is not in a box.but he should be in a cell in solitary confinement..becuz hes fuckin insane…hes not mentally well…i see schizoeffective, bi polar, narcissistic tendencies…its only a matter of time before he loses it on the air n hangs himself with his nicrophone. please get help alex..the only thing you expose daily is your insanity. Savage is a fag, n Limbaugh is a sociopath…but you are just plain loonie.

  2. freest2dogg

    I like alex jones but i don't think 9/11 is an inside job. People should get educated and see how Russia was involve in this attack. And how russia and many arab countries intellegence love distorting anti-american conspiracies. Im not pro war but i also don't mind going to war either. Sadamm did have wmd but the way america handle the war was pretty stupid.

  3. eviltreemonster

    +RoyalZarak , Your wishes are answered. Alex Jones and Micheal Savage are now working together and are fighting side by side against the NWO.

  4. Maximum Mayhem

    Alex is correct… but I'll take it a step further and say, limbaugh, beck and savage are not part of the solution… they are part of the problem but don't realize it.

  5. ir10031981

    Limbaugh, Beck, and even Savage have a higher net worth than Jones, and as for Savage's son Russell Weiner…. that would blow your mind, he's worth more than Limbaugh Beck Hannity and O'Reilly combined.

  6. NO to hate & violence

    Alex jones
    I am a tyt fan , just want to say sorry for the way they treated you no matter what you said snd did , I am sure it was all a misunderstanding .

  7. duradim1

    All of these guys are flawed in their thinking, including Jones. If I was on the air, I too would be off in areas. Only God Himself knows the complete truth. With that in mind, I would suggest to all to live by the dictates of the Bible and pray for our leaders that we may live peaceably together. That doesn't mean that we do nothing, but that we do more by living in faith in that God has a timetable for all things to come to pass.

  8. єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM

    If Alex would've done exactly this every single day of his career without taking it too far by creating crazy unfounded conspiracy theories and peddling vitamins, this man would've already been president

  9. Libertarian Ish

    Savage is now great..He is very anti war in the last 10 years..Beck is good except on Foreign Policy..Rush is at least a true conservative sometimes he is great sometimes he is wrong

  10. Bob Best

    such a windbag and hypocrite. trump is in power, expanding war in afganistan, expanding govt spending (infrastructure plan). but trump appeared on his show once and jones in all gung ho.

  11. tannerutah

    Alex Jones points proof that left and right are systematic corporate whores in charge of the NwO its like being in the middle loses credibility when reality is left or rights is an uphill battle to prove them self's entirely constantly Alex jones is a god send

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