angry xbox kid @ xbox slim 首賣日 @ 中文字幕版 Enlace Nacional RD

瘦身版的Xbox 360於7月18日在朗豪坊為新Slim版Xbox 360主機大搞首賣會,頭200名買家除會得到動漫電玩節門券兩張、Xbox 360硬碟資料傳送線禮品外,更可以用$399優惠價購買Xbox 360配件套裝,當中包括無線手掣、同步充電器、旅行袋及遊戲(《Forza Motorsport 3》或《Nier》)。

片中人疑因xbox無法即場以優惠價購買Xbox 360配件套裝和職員進行理論




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  1. Eric Lui

    @nohozona xbox said the first 200 buyers have a combo for 399hong kong currency. Included xbox system,1 controller, charger, 2games, etc. At least that's what it says on the flyers. This boy is the 67th buyers but xbox said those combo are out of stock. Thats why he's so angry. 5hours waiting and he fitted all the requirement. He can't buy one coz it's out of stock, which is impossible.

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