Autistic Boy Labeled Cheater by Xbox Live Enlace Nacional RD

News release about Xbox live labeling an autistic child a cheater and stripping away all the achievements earned on his account.

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25 comentarios en «Autistic Boy Labeled Cheater by Xbox Live Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. zac

    @onlypolar As in failed do you mean broke? If so you must not take care of your stuff because I've had the same exact xbox for two years and haven't had a single problem

  2. Heisenberg

    It's his fault and his friends fault cause he let his friend use his account and his friend cheated to get halo achievements so Xbox said they can't change it but they at least they gave him a free month of Xbox live and a new account

  3. Bob Papadopoulos

    Feeling bad for someone is also not an excuse. I myself have an ASD (Asperger's), and to be frank I find it repugnant this woman is trying to use his disorder for a free pass. Excusing someone for having autism is basically saying they're less than a normal person. Same concept as saying a man shouldn't hit a woman even in defense. That'd be sexism, and excusing him would be discriminating based on a medical condition.

  4. Ltresso12

    Ok this is what it is he must have used external modding and this is a for a reason and I am a xbox developer this is still a talk at Microsoft and we feel very very very bad for him and we saw he was modding all his games including the halo games so this was for a good reason so spew had put cheater above his gamer tag again sorry little kid but this was for a reason

  5. Luke Beauchamp

    If he'd been reset to zero points and he was already resigned to earning them all again but he didn't like having the cheater label then why couldn't he just have started a new profile. He still would've had zero points but at least it wouldn't have the cheater label. Even if he had Xbox Live Gold time remaining it would be worth it to remove that label.

  6. Glenn H

    The people here, who defend Xbox make me sick to my stomach. What has Xbox done for you personally to for such loyalty? This was messed up and I don't care what the fanboys say. Some of these comments are just sick. I have kids and I would be upset if Microsoft took away from them too. It's a cold world….

  7. VEX ArcTic

    They steal my achievements they steal all my achievements that ummmmm….. Take me 50000000 days 😱 you metal 🤒kid 😈😈😈😈👺👺👺👺👺👹👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 go out side or something☀️🌞

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