Ballmer highlights Windows phone, Windows 8, Xbox Kinect Enlace Nacional RD

At CES in Las Vegas, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest talks to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer about what to expect from the software giant in 2012. Ballmer previews the new Windows phone OS, Windows 8’s metro UI and new Xbox Kinect features.


31 comentarios en «Ballmer highlights Windows phone, Windows 8, Xbox Kinect Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Clint Dogwell

    @mindtwindompeople You guys need to stop being so unimaginative, it's great Windows is finally doing something new. Join the future, it does everything better.

  2. h4x0y

    Microsoft is doing a good job, i see great integration of their features throughout their ecosystem, they innovate a lot, and they arent copying apple as much as google and especially samsung does.

  3. sam sung

    fuck microsoft , windows mobile was awesome , very professional and modifiable a real "smart" phone till 6.5 , then with the WP7 they decided to make an OS for retarded dumb asses like IOS but uglier WTF ? why ?
    screw microsoft , i'm moving to android the only "smart" phone OS left

  4. Jarwan

    If only the Lumia 900 had a higher screen resolution and the flush curved screen of the Lumia 800. Unfortunately WP7 is way behind on this department. Nokia may truly shine with WP8. If not then it'll be a sad story in history.

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