Barkley VS. Savage 2003 Enlace Nacional RD

The Michael Savage/Charles Barkley debate on Talkback Live.


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  1. George Batton

    Okay so the fact that our domestic prison population makes up the remaining 70 percent means that we shouldn't care that the other 30 percent is made up of illegal aliens? Where is the logic in that? Of course the domestic ones are going to make up a larger percentage than that of the illegals. Why is that even an issue? There's nothing wrong with that? The criminals are in prison where they belong. The fact that such a large percentage of illegals occupy our prisons shows that we are weak on border security.

  2. lairdriver

    Savage really is a piece of shit. I've tried to listen to a couple of podcasts. Then I heard him use the word 'kike', 'dike', and monkey. Barkley may not be the most articulate person on earth, but at least he is standing up to garbage like savage.

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