BBC News PlayStation 3 Delayed Enlace Nacional RD

BBC News report on todays (6/9/06) news that the PS3 has been delayed in Europe until March 2007.


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  1. TheGodCave

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  2. Greyhound Fisher

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  3. clifton davis

    but thats the only reason why ps3 is behind right now is because sony launched a year behind xbox and people who wanted a ps3 were getting impatiant so thats why they went and got a 360 instead of waiting for a ps3 like me. If xbox and playstation would of came out the same year things would of been completely different

  4. Kieran Stevens

    i know if you go on vgchartz 62.6M ps3 have been sold worldwide since launch and 65.4M xbox 360's have been sold since launch now considering ps3 came out a year later then the xbox 360 thats amazing if ps3 came out the same time as the xbox the the ps3 sales would of been way over 65.4M

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