BBC Watchdog – Xbox 360 Faults Enlace Nacional RD

Watchdog reports on the 3 red lights of death problem with Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

I myself am on my third Xbox 360, the first I bought at launch lasted several months and after numerous “freezing” problems it gave the Ring Of Death.
M’Soft replaced this console with a refurbished unit which didn’t last a month before, yeah you guessed, 3 red lights.
Yet again this one was replaced by Microsoft and fingers crossed it will last now as it’s out of warranty BUT I have had the E67 a couple of times in the last month, not looking good.

Get it sorted Microsoft.


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  1. Kindlesmith80

    Really? Tough break. Not saying one is better than the other as far as gaming is concerned, but it sucks. Almost sounds like the faults exist to make sure people buy a new console after the warranty – its just the fault happens before warranty runs out, in which case its good because you can refund/exchange it.
    Could also just be a break in the factory production line, that there was a hiccup. But I don't like they way it looks as much as any politician telling the truth.

  2. Kindlesmith80

    lol alzheimers. That made me laugh so hard, seriously good one. Thankyou, I needed a good laugh after being bashed so unkindly on other youtube posts.
    Hm. That is disappointing. Xbox 360 has a few really good titles that only it has. Reminds me of the sega master system I have that chooses if a cartridge I slot in works or it decides I should play Alex Kid instead which is built into the machine.
    Did you ever get it replaced during warranty?

  3. MrReeceyburger123

    YEAH and how do you think the solder melts you dumb fucking cunt , and yes it can be the consumer because they store them in a confined area and the console cant get any cooler air so dont reply to my comment you peice of shit !

  4. MrReeceyburger123

    well your a dumb fuck , the wii runns alot cooler than the 360 and the 360 uses lead free solder with melts at a lowwer temp and the 360 poor cooling system doesnt help so FUCK YOU IVE REAPIRD 360S AND REBALLED FOR YEARS SO FUCK OFF YOU KNOW IT ALL MOTHER FUCKER

  5. B33FY2015

    I am currently on my 3rd 360 in 4 got red ring on the 1st 2 sent the 2nd back to microshite got it back 2 month's later with a note saying they found no problem with the hardware 2 day's later I got red ring again only they had kept my 360 until my year warranty had ran out so when I rang them back up they said that because they had sent it back with the note saying no problem with the hardware when there clearly was they would repair it free but if it was unrepairable then I had to pay £80

  6. B33FY2015

    for a refurbished 1 so I sent them it back with the note they had sent as proof they kept it for another 2 month rang them asking what the hold up was and they had told me the console was unrepairable and unless I paid them £80 then I would have to go and get a new 1 @ full price or they would just send my faulty 1 back thing is they said they had sent it back and I never received it pure fuking ripping cunts I am on my 3rd now although it is my sons the slim had it 4 2 years and no problem

  7. planetwalker

    I bought the "Elite 360" :
    Like most other "Elite" 360's it's inferior defective heat-sink failed.
    Microsoft solution = pay us $100. to fix it. (I did not fix it)

    Ok so it was an unforeseeable error it happens right ?

    Then I bought the R2D2 360, just over a year ago:
    Like most other modern 360's it's inferior defective hard-drive has failed.
    (I did not even get much use out of it).
    Microsoft solution = Microsoft will do me a "special limited offer" of a 500Gb hard drive for $100. *500*Gb SATA drives go for much less on the market and I suspect that this fix will also be defective given the MS 360 track record.

    I called Microsoft and they said it is a common problem !!!
    Why is there still inferior quality hardware going into the console ?
    Microsoft is saying that WE have to pay for their poor workmanship (or sabotage).

    What I will do is harvest scrap from the consoles and throw the rest of both Xbox's into recycling. I will never buy another console from Microsoft.

    I once owned a PS2 II but Sony is just as bad. They promised a ton of hardware that they never delivered.

    Pay to Play is another con thanks to Apple. I'm done with the console racket. I'm done with Microsoft and Apples scam.

    I can think of better things to spend the hundreds of dollars on that actually works, has a purpose in life and is fun. Microsoft have totally killed gaming for me.

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