Ben Shapiro REACTS to MEMPHIS PASTOR Getting STANDING OVATION for Sexual Incident Confession Enlace Nacional RD

Ben Shapiro reacts to Memphis Pastor, Andy Savage, getting a standing ovation for confession a sexual incident that happened 20 years ago. Was it appropriate for the pastor to publicly confess the incident in front of the High Point Church congregation?

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  1. Flying Fish Guy

    It was a show of support! You of all people should read the whole story and see it’s a witch hunt by the left for a hook-up that happened 20 years ago. They were KIDS! The girl admitted that she was in love with him. She didn’t get the response she wanted from him when he realized that he shouldn’t be having sexual contact with her. She felt rejected. Read her story! Only two people know what happened and no one is asking Andy’s side. This guy has given up his life in service for Memphis Every Single Day For 20 years! Ben Shapiro use that god given intellect and learn the whole story!! For others out there put your thinking caps on and read her story. It reeks of a woman scorn because she didn’t hook her big fish and he went on to be a successful pastor and she’s been divorced multiple times and has kids from multiple partners. Think people!

  2. Aurora Borealis

    Ugh. I read her side of the story and I agree it was inappropriate for them to applaud him, but I can't demonize him without hearing his side. She claims that he used her by leading her on, but I don't believe that. The only reason this is an issue is because according to religion having sex before marriage is a terrible sin. So asking for a blow job and breast fondling is somehow this terrible thing where you might go to hell if you don't ask for forgiveness? That's absolutely absurd. I understand that she was 17, but that's the age of consent in Texas and she agreed to do those acts on him. There's still some wiggle room to charge him since he was older than her by 3 years, but why go to the church and not the police? Did she expect them to investigate and arrest him? They excluded him from activities and he ended up leaving so what else could they have done within their power? Also, it seems he immediately regretted it because it was sinful not because he got his way which is why she regretted it too. They shouldn't have been flirting given the age difference, but if this happened a year later then there wouldn't have been a problem as far as her age. There's so many holes in this story and I'm not going to take anyone's side until I hear his side. His apology doesn't count because he said it was an incident not an assault. I've actually been sexually assaulted more than once and stories like this aggravate me.

  3. Bmac 814

    I feel bad for the guy. While I don’t think a standing O is appropriate I’m glad his church forgives him, they aren’t Jewish so it doesn’t matter what Jews do, Christians are supposed to forgive. The witch hunt for him is much worse than a standing O. He was still very young, as was she, he left his lizard brain take control and made a mistake, she consented and made a mistake and now 20 yrs later it resurfaced? If it was flat out rape or something forceful then I’d be all for hanging him but doing a sleeve all move to get a little action in your early 20s doesn’t warrant ruining a mans life, if it is then a lot of men would be fucked.

  4. Edward Gibbon

    I've known two pastors who had a few shady things go down. I mean, if you're a college guy hanging out with a bunch of young adult/older teen hotties, I dunno. Nature happens. Avoid the situation entirely might be a better idea. Meanwhile, everyone just gets turned on reading this smut always coming out. Everyone's a hypocrite. It's big news all year because we love the sexy details.

  5. Eric Fireshout

    He didn't force her, he took her down a back road pulled out a dick asked her to suck it (which she did). At 17 in Texas a person is considered able to make decisions as to what happens to their body sexually, she wasn't forced she did it of her own volition and that is her sin she needs to accept. Andy Savage has his part in the sin but calling this sexual assault is an insult to anyone who has actually been sexually assaulted.

  6. David Mcintyre

    If you will use your gifts of wisdom and words of knowledge provided to you by the Holy Spirit, you will recognize that the people who are hating and mad are not mad at Andy Savage, they are mad at and hate God….athiest and wanna B's. Star Wars watching freaks who cannot wait for someone in the Christian community to make a mistake…which we do often, Praise God for Jesus….but they can't wait to pounce all over it. Jesus is bigger than all sin and bigger than the opinion of any antichrist athiest. Glory !! 🇮🇱✝️🇺🇸

  7. David Mcintyre

    This is the thing…it doesn't matter what you guys think. This man was forgiven before this ever happened and he will move forward in the plan that God has for his life. He's covered in the blood of Jesus… Praise God little children!!!✝️🇺🇸

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