Breaking news regarding Playstation Network hack Enlace Nacional RD

Just a quick message to keep you guys and girls safe out there. Would recommend changing your passwords for other sites if they are the same as your PSN password. And credit cards… might want to be changed too. Sorry!


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  1. outlawstar00000

    I honestly don't care if PSN is down for another week. Remember the days when we didn't even have PSN or live where it was just single player campaign or same console multiplayer, yeah the good old days of PS2. We used to not even care about multiplayer and now PSN is down for a week and people act like its end of the world. So my advice to every one is plug in your PS2 (If you still have one any older console will do) and play a game with a really long storyline and relive the good old days.

  2. orginallos

    people who use the same pass/account for everything deserve to be hacked. However, Sony needs to do something for their customers. Possible a certain amount of money or free games, I dunno lol 😛

  3. Caszie Franklin

    If no harm was done to you by Sony Why The Fuck would you sue them These lawyers dont give a shit about your ps3 systems or gamers in gerneral all they want is money and to b quit honest you arnt goin to get rich off this lil scheme n e how no matter what you think. Stop causin more drama then needs b. I am a very loyal customer to sony and even tho I am gettin fed up wit sony tellin me lies I would like to stay a sony customer for along while

  4. Caszie Franklin

    With out sony xbox has no tru competition and slowly but surely the games will stop improvin if theres no competition theres no need for them to try to upgrade games they wont care so stop tryin to get somethin for nothin… Everyone will b ok.. Stop actin like they're gonna steal everyone identity. Because its not gonna happen n if it did THEN and only THEN sue Sony stupid fucks

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