Happy New Year, my fellow kangz and qweens. According to BuzzFeed, there are “37 Things White People Need to Stop Ruining in 2018,” and in today’s video we’re going to talk about all of them.



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30 pensamientos sobre “BUZZFEED: WHITE PEOPLE RUIN EVERYTHING Enlace Nacional RD

  1. chris mahon

    Christ i wish we could just separate the races. us evil white men sure do get a lot of non whites wanting to live in out society's, our city's and under our laws. Maybe go live in the middle east or go back to Africa if we are so fucking bad.

  2. Ready Eddie

    I just want y'all to imagine a person on the far left scrolling through twitter, and watching some white people dancing to a song in a cringey fashions then saying "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined."

  3. Ron Swanson

    this anti-white rhetoric is super dangerous. I feel like you should talk about how the germans were dehumanizing jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s and make an analogy out of it. It’s very similar to what is happening today

  4. Covenant Armada

    Nikki needs to be careful who she fucks with I see Eminem at the top of that list. She doesn't want Eminem to ruin her career. And yes I know Eminem dissed Trump and it was a terrible freestyle for him. But Eminem is a savage when it comes to dissing rappers.

  5. Kings Official

    I hate how white people get thrown under the bus as one big group, first of all, we aren’t all racist! It’s a small group of white people, just like there are small groups of racist minority’s. It’s sad how America’s turning into a anti white country🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. Russian Wheat

    If the black people living in America hate white people, why do they live here? I’ve seen so much videos of black people beating up white people just for being white. You could just move to Africa. Barely any white people live there and you won’t be dealing with any “problems”. Not just Africa but there are many other countries for you all. I’m pretty sure majority of white people face racism from blacks and it’s “not considered racism” because they are white.

    Also, white people may have ruined things, but not as a whole group together. I live in a neighbourhood where you cannot be white to be “gangster”. But judging from the fact that every black person I met (I’m not saying they’re ALL bad) doesn’t understand that white people tend to be more polite and not “gangster”. That’s also coming from the fact that in majority of European countries, we are polite.

    Society is so messed up.

    Sometimes, I have a thought that if only people in their continent can travel to other countries that are in their continent, there wouldn’t be majority of racism we have today.

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