CES 2011: Kinect for Xbox 360 and Entertainment Presentation Enlace Nacional RD

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Ron Forbes demonstrates how you’ll use Kinect to control Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, and more!


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  1. Gigawatts

    @ollyb111 Well then I suppose f the connect is subpar then the PS Move must be very poor in the terms of both gameplay and technical specifications after all all PS3 did was reuse something that Sony didn't even invent.

  2. PoeticallyIlliterate

    So that was expected and I'm proud to hear this fantastic news. however, What about Facebook? And the ability to flip through items saved on your hard drive like saved music, photos. Also I want to control a movie I watch in the disc player with kinect and I should be able to open the disc tray even with a disc inside not only when it's empty. Anyways Impressed and can't wait for the updates thanks keep updating!

  3. sonickboom1

    can Ireland get last fm no. can Ireland get Zuni music no. worst of all Ireland cant use kinect speech recognition. Microsoft u more and more people in Ireland are buying ps3 now as there are buying there xbox,s and these fetchers dot work in Ireland.

  4. Joe Victor

    @Nintendoman15 Why are you being a fanboy? Sony was working on Move before the EyeToy came out. Look on YouTube. There are prototypes of it from like 2000/01. Have you even played the Move or Kinect?

  5. mymom1234

    cant count how many miles/km i walked in my life to look for the the remote control.. and then find it run out of batteries.
    so waving or voice command is far better i think.

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