CNN: Xbox 360 Kinect lets you ‘tickle’ tigers Enlace Nacional RD

“Kinectimals,” a new video game for Microsoft’s Kinect motion-control gaming system, lets children pet a tiger cub.


16 comentarios en «CNN: Xbox 360 Kinect lets you ‘tickle’ tigers Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. David C

    Ridiculous. Come back in twenty years when the tiger is holographic and also when the hand movements correlate better.

    And that little kid was as annoying as all hell. I think that kid was a robot or something. LOL

  2. Aslan Firestride

    im sold on that tiger. seriously. im going to go preorder. i dont care if its a puppet not a puppet or anything. that. on my tv. like now. this needs to happen sooner.

  3. T

    Im not buying it till they come out with the game, "Horse Ranch: Ultimate Stallion Semen Collector" This little girl already has some of the hand motions down for when it launches see :43

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