CNN – Xbox360 Taken By Cops Enlace Nacional RD

After Kenyatta Hillman was pulled over for speeding, police detected the odor of marijuana and searched his car. When they couldn’t find the marijuana, they decided that his stolen Xbox 360 would make a fine surrogate…except, you know, the Xbox wasn’t actually stolen property.


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  1. Aoru


    but the law shouldn't accuse people just because majority of their race are badly influenced.

    Always the clear quote from every law book "innocent until proven guilty" thats how it works in Europe and in Asia. But sadly in north America "proven guilty, tazed first, then prove urself ur innocent".

  2. Aoru


    u see them as dangerous race because right from the start u have prejudiced judgment. And why arent white people badly influenced?? Are u joking me.

    White people make the same pathetic racial discrimination. Im sure you know the behind the scene story about white people criticsm of chinese people.

    So dont put urself so highly above others, u just showed me u are prejudiced by the fact when u see black people they are dangerous.

  3. Aoru


    You know what idiot, there are dangerous people everywhere. Even white people are dangerous too, the extremity depends on where u are looking at. There are loads of black people in society that arent dangerous. It just depends on where u look.

    If ur not letting ur child associate with a black person ur already influencing ur children by telling them black people are bad.

    So ur comment to me is nothing but idiocy.

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