Cops Swat Team Caught On Tape Bowling On Nintendo Wii During A Drug Raid Enlace Nacional RD


30 comentarios en «Cops Swat Team Caught On Tape Bowling On Nintendo Wii During A Drug Raid Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. simex909

    I spent 9 hours playing wii bowling, instead of doing my job, I would expect to be fired. Cops are not magical, they should be fired for shirking their responsibilities just like anyone else.

    The special treatment that we afford police is exactly why stuff like this happens. It's also why police don't get punished when they murder innocents, beat children, or yell obscenities at little old ladies. Cops ARE humans, and should be treated as such. Unfortunately we seem to have a caste system.

  2. WhoaMadFrolic

    @101tet You've got to fucking be kidding me.

    Their R&R should be at their own time and expense. Just because they're cops doesn't mean they get to use other people's property for funzies. Every single one of the officers involved should be fired and fined–this is the equivilent of breaking and entering then chillin' inside and playing with the owner's toys. Actually, that's exactly what it is, only it's a legal B&E because there's a warrant involved.

  3. Ripp57

    @tamural You're getting all bent out of shape because they played with some drug dealers toys? Seriously, fuck that guy, i'd make a sandwich while i was there.

  4. Ripp57

    @tamural I'm also assuming it's a dealer instead of a user, seeing as they went through the trouble to bust him. With that out of the way, we're talking about something that was most likely bought with drug money.

  5. WhoaMadFrolic

    @Ripp57 Not only are you assuming guilt, but you're also defending their actions that inhibit their ability to do their job, aka fight crime.

    So not only are they being a bunch of intruding children, they're also being a burden on our tax system.

  6. Ripp57

    @tamural Yes, I am assuming guilt. I seriously doubt that much time and man power would be wasted on a hunch. Also, i'm not justifying what they did, i'm just saying if he is a drug dealer, then fuck him, and his rights. They're nothing but trash, that infect society with their bullshit. Just a side note, it's not hard to tell who's dealing.

  7. Conex Xenon

    Well its "weird" that he plays Wii on a drug raid. he can buy the console himself. but I understand him having some fun. because everyday can be his last day of his life. as a swat officer you can always get shot.!

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