Crysis 2 PS3 VS XBOX 360 VS PC Graphics Comparison 2011 1080p HD! Enlace Nacional RD

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26 comentarios en «Crysis 2 PS3 VS XBOX 360 VS PC Graphics Comparison 2011 1080p HD! Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Tony Boulss

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  3. TheAtomix12

    why do you say that this video is 1080p? do you want to get more views just cos you don't know what is 1080p? I did not understand anything that you have said in this whole video.Write a script next time it helps a lot.Jeremimichal is right you don't know how to explain about technical things in this game look at wikipidia

  4. Saiforen

    WTF? Retard it's not even in 1080p? And also, the PS3 looks better than the 360 because look at the sides of the hand dryers, you can see the shadows on ps3 but not 3shitty LOL but PC owns both

  5. armorfid

    Actually the hand dryers sides are same for both, but for some reason Xbox's contrast and digital vibrance are a bit lower than that of the PS3. It's kinda stupid, since it's something that can be tweaked on any GPU without performance loss, but console makers are too stupid / not caring enough to give control to the user for these kind of options.

    If those settings were equivalent for both, we could clearly compare, but as it is now, it somewhat creates a slight bias towards the PS3.

  6. Bieu

    ahh.. if youhave a good pc go play on pc if you have a ps3 go play on ps3 if you have x360 go play on it and if you just want high graphics and ultra resolution (and let your console alone for visual effects)FUCK YOU

  7. Jayquan Phifer

    I piratebayed MW2 plus the multiplayer crack for PC. Full of hackers. also i played MW3 single player for PC, i piratebayed that too lol. i have a crappy graphics card though Geforce 210 xD. Consoles batter less hackers 🙂 i'm not upgrading my PC to play with hackers :D.

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