Daily Pennsylvanian Interview with Dan Savage Enlace Nacional RD

On October 10, 2006 in Philadelphia, Spin columnist Stephen Morse interviewed nationally syndicated author Dan Savage. Savage lashed out against Sen. Rick Santorum, but more notably he let his mouth run when talking about Green Party candidate Carl Romanelli.

Visit http://lamp.dailypennsylvanian.com/blogs/index.php?page=post&section=2&id=364 to see the Spin’s take on the video and an expanded summary and quotes.


24 pensamientos sobre “Daily Pennsylvanian Interview with Dan Savage Enlace Nacional RD

  1. Dennis Fritz

    Whatever differences existed between the George H.W. Bush and Clinton administrations, the continuities were much, much greater. By adopting so many Republican positions as his own–e.g. welfare reform, denial of due prcoess of law, neoliberal economics, bombing as "foreign policy"–Clinton legitimized these stances for an entire generation of liberals. Very sad.

  2. Ipvicus

    The Green Party is only going to make progress if they abandon the ridiculously self righteous tools like you and Nader. If you hadn't noticed, they *did* drop Nader already, and are better for it. I'm all for a positive contribution to the dialogue, but you're more interested in throwing stones than building bridges.

    That's why Clinton was a great President in the face of an opposition Congress. Nader would never have accomplished anything during the "Contract With America" had he been Pres.

  3. travelerchuk

    So let's get this straight… because one party sucks, we should put a party in power that is not fundamentally different in any way and thereby perpetuate a fucked up system, instead of trying to institute real reform? Sounds like a great way to get nothing done. Other than that, I love Dan Savage, he's witty and not afraid to tell it like it is here as always.

  4. GretchenDawntreader

    I can empathize and even agree that we would be a healthier nation with a more than 2 party system…heck the way the GOP is purging itself we might end up with a 1 party system.

    Until a credible 3rd party can be elected, however, if you laudibly vote your heart you will probably cost the election for actually electable people with whom you largely agree. You might like Ron Paul, or Nader, but they can't win, so it just helps Kerry or whoever lose. So we got another 4 years of Bush. woot?

  5. markvz

    Dan is right. You DO have to be pragmatic about your votes. This is not a perfect world. Third party candidates have all the chances of a hermit crab traversing a four lane highway.

  6. booley

    Somehow I got the impression that Mr. Savage does not like Mr. Romenelli.

    While I agree with the pragmatic argument, it still sucks because the Dems know that Liberals have no where else to go.

    We either hold our noses or choose the greater evil.

    So why should they give anything more then lip service to their base?

  7. EeyoreWhyBother

    Dan is a moron. People like him give the Democrats their unconditional vote and then expected the Democrats to actually listen to what they have to say. That's why the Dems move more and more to the right. The are looking for people that actually are willing to change their votes, for or against them.

  8. jimtrueblue99

    Given the utter failure of the Democrats to do anything good for gays unless in dire straits (like the last-ditch repealing of DADT in a lame-duck session solely to give a tidbit to part of their electoral base), I find Dan Savage to be utterly mindless about politics in America. He knows nothing. He is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat party, a pair of lips in the service of the Democrat central committee, a brain-dead Demo-bot who was programmed by a fool.

  9. SuperSam424

    This guy is the face of fucking tolerance??? He's fucking evil. You can see it in his eyes and his tones and his mannerisms. He's scum. He's the kind of scum that enjoys eating shit and tries to make you think it's good too. He's the kind of bigot who will feel fine killing Christians but acts like he's "tolerant".

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