Dan Savage and Amy Richards on Abortion Rights and Feminism Enlace Nacional RD

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/04/08/Amy_Richards_and_Dan_Savage_in_Conversation

Advice columnists Amy Richards and Dan Savage discuss what they see as frequent misunderstandings about issues of feminism and abortion.


In the July 18th, 2004 issue of The New York Times Magazine, feminist activist Amy Richards gave her account of deciding to undergo “selective reduction.” The procedure reduces the number of fetuses carried by a pregnant woman – in Richards’ case, from triplets to one baby.

Her controversial choice reignited debates about reproductive freedom and the ethics of choice. Richards recounts the backlash of the article and the many challenges of raising her son in Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself. Richards is co-founder of The Third Wave Foundation and has written feminist.com’s advice column “Ask Amy” since 1995.

Internationally-syndicated columnist Dan Savage dispenses with taboos when writing about sex and relationships. Since 1991, his column “Savage Love” has offered advice that examines and dispels conservative models of love, sex, and family.

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With great humor, Savage encourages a “good, giving, and game” approach to safe sexual experimentation and skepticism of “simplistic” views of monogamy. Dan Savage is also a contributor to “This American Life” and editorial director of The Stranger, the Seattle weekly that first published his popular column.

His book The Kid relates Savage’s experiences adopting a baby boy with his partner. The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family, his memoir of family, includes Savage’s commentary on the gay marriage debate – City Arts & Lectures

Daniel Savage is an American sex advice columnist, author, media pundit, journalist, and newspaper editor. Savage is best known for penning the internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column Savage Love. Its tone is humorous, profane, and often hostile to social conservatives, as in the Santorum controversy.

Savage has often been the subject of controversy regarding his opinions that pointedly clash with both traditional conservative moral values and those put forth by what Savage has been known to call the “gay establishment”.

Amy Richards is co-founder of The Third Wave Foundation and has written feminist.com’s advice column “Ask Amy” since 1995.


24 pensamientos sobre “Dan Savage and Amy Richards on Abortion Rights and Feminism Enlace Nacional RD

  1. PALOMITA694

    What I meant when I said that no person has the right to use another persons body is that a fetus has no right to use a womans body as an incubator just like I dont have the right to use your blood so that I may live Donating blood is voluntary just like being pregnant. Do you know what I mean now? Nobody has the right to take your blood so that they may live and the fetus has no rights to use the womans body The woman is not using the fetus body just getting rid of it. She has a right to choose

  2. Sam Wade

    Well the act of abortion is done with the intention of murdering an unborn child, whilst refusing to give blood only increases the possibility of death.
    I take it you are set in your views, and likewise so am I. I firmly believe that the taking of human life- whether it be through abortions, death penalty, war, suicide etc- is fundamentally immoral and I believe it with all sincereness. I am not anti-women just anti-death.
    We will have to agree to disagree on this issue.

  3. Johnny Bravo

    The question was presented from a feminist angle, and the subjects answered accordingly. But this is precisely one of the problems when people discuss abortion, they always talk about the woman's choice and overlook the human being in the heart and centre of the decision.

  4. James Nichols

    I totally agree. I also like when she quoted it as the "right to an abortion", when really it's based on the right to privacy and the abortion being just another medical choice to be protected under the right to privacy.

  5. Ellen P

    Amy Richards chose to abort 2 of her 3 triplets so she would not have to have 3 babies at once. I wonder what her child will think when he finds out that mom killed his siblings for selfish reasons?

  6. Tammy Marie

    Heartless and evil! Found out she was pregnant with triplets and the first things she wanted to know was "is there any way to get rid of one of them?" Really? She doesn't deserve children! But she didn't abort just one, but two of them. Disgusting, soulless. Absolutely horrible!

  7. Garrnett1

    Reality, consciousness, the human journey, very interesting when you look at the long view. We humans at one time valued every little child and thought they were all a miracle. We now outnumber cockroaches and have become cynical. When we find life on other planets our cynicism may well be validated, because then at that point we will not be a universal miracle by our mere existence. Until then though no potential human life should be aborted. But should be thought of as a miracle.

  8. Garrnett1

    Being cynical and comical about our existence might relieve you of the pressure of thinking to hard about your own life and how you might be wasting it through personal wants and the "give me" attitude of the modern society, it might make you feel like a "progressive" person with progressive ideas. At the end of the discussion, unless you've been raped, or will be harmed by the pregnancy, the right to eliminate life from this world because of the "it's my body claim" is a narrow minded fallacy.

  9. Raikiri Sasha

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  10. Jean-Pierre Aussant

    How old should be a child to be allowed to continue living?
    At what age is one“old enough” to deserve the right to continue living?
    When the fetus is 2 weeks old?
    Or maybe 2 months?
    4 months?
    7 months?
    8 months and a half?
    Or 2 weeks after the birth?
    3 years, when it starts to speak a few words?
    No, let´s say 7 years when the child becomes reasonable?
    Or maybe 18 years old when one is allowed to vote?
    When, when, when???
    How old should we be to be allowed to continue living??
    Life starts when the 2 numbers of chromosomes are united in the zygote. To contest this biological truth is tantamount to opening the box of Pandora and create the conditions of hell on earth.
    Nobody exists “half”. One is or one is not. To be or not to be.  A fetus exists as much as Madona, Maradona,  Carla bruni, Sarkosy or Hillary Clinton.
    There is no” half dignity „for   a human being.
    …And all the worldwide politically correct brain washing, won’t change this reality.

  11. hellou

    I'm gonna clarify that i consider abortionist worse than the nazi's

    Just so you can follow my pattern of speech better when i'm taking and there's no confusion.

    Ok if someone says they're a feminist and they don't believe a man should be able to control a women.  If someone ever believed that things that require no merit whatsoever should decide important outcomes they could not possibly believe in abortion.

    If there's a women to one side of me complaining that her husband beats and rapes her and she has no control over the situation, and on the other side there's an unborn life about to be aborted who's really in less control of the situation?

    Don't get married to begin with.  Don't let anyone ever control you.  Don't support governments or anything that could ever function as a form of abuse, oppression, force, whatever.  But you can protect yourself better than any unborn baby can.  It's that simple.  And if you're not trying to help others who's lives are being taken advantage of without anything of merit warranting it then you're not really someone who cares about anything, you don't believe in equality and you're trying to manipulate and use things (and greed) to get ahead in life.

    That is plain and simple.

    So if anyone tries to complain, "oh my husband beats me" , "oh i can't get fair pay"

    and at the same time you see it fit to take ownership over another's life to live without anything at all warranting your control over them except the fact that you have the physical power to do so, I'm gonna say you're lost and have no grasp of equality whatsoever, and are also stupid.


  12. hellou

    What's also funny is how some people who think they're feminists and believe in equality say things like "well we got abortion.  we fought hard for that"

    really in essence that's why bad things are happening to you.

    you're fighting for something which is a much worse form of controlling others with no merit to do so.

    So when the efforts come to try and help people who are victims of that such of thing, they are very unlikely to focus on people who are really the problem to begin with.

  13. hellou

    I have a very innocent mind, and am a very innocent person ok. And for me an abortionist (even someone who just supports abortion) is worse than a murderer hands down.

    So in my mind, when i see people accepting these people, i just want to run out and kiss rapists.  Put petals under the feet of murderers so they can walk better.  All those sorts of things is what i want to do.  I would rather create an environment of those people being pampered than be around an abortionist.

    I just wanna run out, hug them, squeeze them all of that.

    Because you know why this is happening to US?

    Karma.  We took for granted all those murderers, rapists, etc.  and didn't defend and stick up for them when they were being tossed in jail by people who are allow abortions.  This is what's happening to us and why.  I KNOW 100 percent that that is what is happening.  So if you see a murderer, pedophile, or someone who may not be implementing force as much as a police officer, or government type person, then give them love and show them you care.  We still re-claim what we've lost but it's going to get harder and harder.

    Expect to see someone who's murdered or raped someone close to you.  Maybe even you.  But don't let your mind become so numb that you can't use your own judgement and let your mind decide if in any degree at all you are over-shaming any of them or anything like that.  "sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same" -The Fray

    This is a worthwhile cause.  IT IS!  as if you don't see it as worthwhile you're not seeing yourself very well.

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