Dan Savage and Amy Richards on Abstinence-Only Sex Education Enlace Nacional RD

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/04/08/Amy_Richards_and_Dan_Savage_in_Conversation

Advice columnists Dan Savage and Amy Richards argue that abstinence-only sex education does not adequately instruct teens on the realities of sexual health. This program contains sexually explicit language.


In the July 18th, 2004 issue of The New York Times Magazine, feminist activist Amy Richards gave her account of deciding to undergo “selective reduction.” The procedure reduces the number of fetuses carried by a pregnant woman – in Richards’ case, from triplets to one baby.

Her controversial choice reignited debates about reproductive freedom and the ethics of choice. Richards recounts the backlash of the article and the many challenges of raising her son in Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself. Richards is co-founder of The Third Wave Foundation and has written feminist.com’s advice column “Ask Amy” since 1995.

Internationally-syndicated columnist Dan Savage dispenses with taboos when writing about sex and relationships. Since 1991, his column “Savage Love” has offered advice that examines and dispels conservative models of love, sex, and family.

With great humor, Savage encourages a “good, giving, and game” approach to safe sexual experimentation and skepticism of “simplistic” views of monogamy. Dan Savage is also a contributor to “This American Life” and editorial director of The Stranger, the Seattle weekly that first published his popular column.

His book The Kid relates Savage’s experiences adopting a baby boy with his partner. The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family, his memoir of family, includes Savage’s commentary on the gay marriage debate – City Arts and Lectures

Daniel Savage is an American sex advice columnist, author, media pundit, journalist, and newspaper editor. Savage is best known for penning the internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column Savage Love. Its tone is humorous, profane, and often hostile to social conservatives, as in the Santorum controversy.

Savage has often been the subject of controversy regarding his opinions that pointedly clash with both traditional conservative moral values and those put forth by what Savage has been known to call the “gay establishment”.

Amy Richards is co-founder of The Third Wave Foundation and has written feminist.com’s advice column “Ask Amy” since 1995.


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  1. moonishlips

    I definitely think teenagers should be educated about how to take care of themselvs in a sexual situation. Teenagers are going to experiment, and it's better they know what they're doing and how to do it safetly than to walk out hurt with an STD or pregnant. But on that note, I don't think it should be assumed that every teenager or young adult is sexually active. The sexual health course I took in highschool didn't even mention abstinence as an option, and the teacher ridiculed people who did.

  2. moonishlips

    @NightHawkBomber001 I think it'd work better to cover all bases just in case, than to refuse to acknoweldge one sphere (abstinence,) or another (sexual activity,) and teach only one thing. Unbiased it the way to go with teens. If you sound like you're condoning or mocking them, most won't listen. Teachers should be trained sexual health professionals who know what they're doing and are willing to consider all fronts.

  3. whotrickedyou

    @donjaundemichael <— I told ya, NO AIR HEAD will recieve
    the royal seed to create my heirs. I wont allow the air-head to
    have my kids. Why cant you understand this? Only my lovely
    wife will have the honor of having my kids. NOT AN AIR HEAD, lol!
    So why do they keep trying to (unsuccessfully) deceive or trick
    me into being with air-heads? Understand their are guys like us
    who are very difficult to decieve, or trick. We dont fall easily just
    because they flash womans legs around, got it?

  4. Tea Tea

    @ViviannaluvsJesus What about GLBT people, some of whom can't get married? What happens to them? Monitoring your children is good, but you can't monitor them all the time. Teach them about the advantages/disadvantages of abstinence. Teach them what STDs are. Teach them how to protect themselves. Teach them how not to give in to peer pressure. By the way, most people (even in the early 1900's) end up having sex before marriage. Consider reality and don't browbeat your kids. Education is the key.

  5. Tea Tea

    @trygreatmusic2 Are you serious? This shit truly floors me because even I can understand the importance of comprehensive sex ed and I'm ASEXUAL, which means I just naturally don't desire sex. These abstinence only folks are doing a disservice to all children. They are putting their safety/health at risk because they are in denial about human sexuality.

  6. Tea Tea

    @whotrickedyou Most everyone agrees that abstinence works. The problem is that abstinence doesn't work FOR the majority of people. The majority of people will NOT be abstinent, end of story. Hate to break it to you, but a lot of girls are not "signing up" and so that's not the reason people, INCLUDING WOMEN, are fighting abstinence-only education. Abstinence only education does NOT work and it puts children's health and safety at risk. Keep in mind that I say all this as an asexual celibate.

  7. Tea Tea

    @frenchfriedfrenchmen I am both human & asexual, so I am living proof that humans can be asexual. Asexuals are a rare bunch, of course, but we do exist. I would highly recommend going to asexuality . org to learn more about asexuality. Some advice: It sounds better to say "I don't believe that humans can be asexual" than to say "Humans can't be asexual." The latter phrase sounds rather rude and dismissive, especially if you say it after someone has disclosed their asexuality. Good day.

  8. Tea Tea

    @frenchfriedfrenchmen Please see the site that I posted because it's specifically about asexuality. Asexuality and celibacy are not the same thing. Some asexuals, for example, aren't celibate, while some celibates, for example, aren't asexual. That's why I mentioned that I am both asexual & celibate b/c the two things aren't mutually exclusive. I know about the other asexuality & I see what you are saying, but people shouldn't assume & should ask questions first. Good day.

  9. Tea Tea

    @frenchfriedfrenchmen I'm using the definition of asexuality that has to do with human sexuality. Perhaps I should have explained myself better (I usually do but I ran out of space).

  10. dragonsder


    My problem with abstinence education is that it does more to prevent condom use than it does to prevent sex, which is why when the system was implemented in Texas it caused the state to have the 46th worst teen pregnancy rate in the country.

  11. Tim Rogers

    Logically if one is abstinent, then std's, pregnancy and those other goodies can't affect you. It could work but teenagers, and their empty little heads are being driven mad by those pesky hormones. It's one of many options for kids.

  12. Cattack8

    If you ever encounter anyone who responds to the statement, "there is no method of contraception that has a 100% success rate", with the line, "abstinence does", remind them that abstinence does not protect against rape and pregnancies that occur as direct result of it.

  13. boschman roger

    ABSTINENCE-ONLY SEX EDUCATION (AOSE): I totally agree with Savage. In a perfect world AOSE might work. But, as we are dealing with humans at the peak of their sexual powers, abstinence simply doesn't work. What you are getting are kids wild with desire and knowing little on the subject. They give in to their need, and then hide the fact. Pregnancy is taken care of by furtive abortion. Churches go further, as usual sacrificing the body to save the soul.

  14. Malcolm Loo

    @cantbefooled That's an awful analogy… If we do it like that then Abstinence only education is deliberately not telling students what the difference between the break pedal and ignition is. It's not telling kids how to turn left on a green light. Then being surprised that they crash the car when they start driving.

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