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  1. Trump is mixing truth with PURE BS! And yeah, I am sure he would say the exact same things to a national/world audience during the campaign much less if he was in office…But what he is saying will appeal to the naive & "America…Fuck Yeah!" crowd! LOL! Trump will never get the GOP Nomination that is if he even runs which I doubt he will…We will know for fact in the next couple of weeks when NBC releases their schedule…If The Apprentice is on it then Trump is not running!

  2. If i was American i'd vote for Trump, he has the perfect balance of no-nonsense street savvy mixed with having a highly educated and experienced brain and i sure hope he runs and all you Americans elect him into office which will also show the rest of the world you are all pulling your socks up because he is a man who commands honest respect and can also count properly 🙂

  3. put tariffs on Chinese good? That will not work. Our best automobiles and electronics come from overseas. We put a tariff on those products, bye bye toyotas, electronics, computers, calculators, you name it.

  4. @A08041988 and BTW I'm an independent so don't even think of classifying me as a 'libtard' 'lib' 'donkey' or whatever the the fuck else u want to call me

  5. @A08041988 Look I might have came off to strong earlier. For that I am sorry. Companies in america built foreign tech. Just look it up . Farmers are moving farmland to america because of lack of labor. The companies that move overseas that used be american are anti american in my oppinion. They do this to avoid osha, labor unions and health care enjoy.

  6. @boshafty1 thats ok. whether the companies that move overseas are anti-American is up for debate, but economically how can putting tariffs on OUR products, regardless of where they come from do more good than harm? there is a difference between what is a fine line between economics and patriotism. GDP = C + I + G + NX (exports-imports) NX is only one part of the equation. what about consumer spending. higher prices on products = less consumer spending

  7. The republicans want to loose and want Obama to try to go full communist or for him to screw us over really bad.
    Reason #1-If Obama got a second term he would have NO EXCUSES for what he has done.
    #2-4 more years of Obama will trigger a mass rise of the tea party, even in the youth. It would start a mass right wing movement and the pendulum would swing so hard to the right it would fall off the hinges and go flying.
    #3-it will ruin any chances of a democrat president for a while

  8. Trump de dumpty. He is right on many things, but he is too thin skinned and reaching to the far right for support. The middle folks are not trusting of the Donald!

  9. A lot of people from the United Kingdom hate Americans for being more conservative. Good for you. This is why my parents took me to America when I was around 5.

  10. What a load of nonsense. China is simply not devaluing their currency like everybody else. They are fiscally sound, that's all it is. And they can compete better because they work hard.

  11. Hey fucktard. Our best automobiles come from American car companies, what cars do we import from china? None. BTW Toyota is a Japanese company you ignorant ass clown. What quality products do we get from china? I can tell your an idiot so let me help you out with that. The only thing we get from china is cheap garbage, they bypass our fair wages and safe working conditions. They steal our designs and sell us back inferior knock off garbage. Why in the fuck shouldn't we tax there garbage?

  12. Donald wouldn't know how to run people like he runs business, but a business is better than an empire, and better than scandulous democrats.

  13. Children living in factories, sleeping in bunk-beds all in one small filthy room, sharing one bathroom, working for pennies. The factory that assembles Apple products had to install a giant net to stop suicides of miserable workers that would rather jump to their death than live and work under those conditions. One of the most oppressive totalitarian Communist governments ever..
    All the corrupt union leaders in America should go organize in China, then we can actually manufacture here again..

  14. Yes, the world should look into South Korea now. They also have nothing but unfair trade deals with Japan too, not just US. Japan even pays them compensation even still after WW2!!!

  15. Someone like Trump is obviously far more qualified and honest than a ghetto agitator inspired by communist mentors (a.k.a, trash); but guess what, Trump is explicit and he challenges the petulant stupidity of many. For such they dislike him. Hell, candidates don't come anymore dedicated and sincirely decent than Romney and look at what happened. 

    We live in a country of cretins who want to go about pretending to be smart, ignorant cretins who want politics to be about their emotions instead of logic and facts. Rest assure, if it was their business the one in need of a president, they would pick Romney or Trump over Obama in a second. That's where the shameless crap stops. We have way too many shit-heads taking this country for granted.   

  16. I am excited that Donald Trump was a guest on the Savage program. I am going to hope that Mr. Trump will run in 2016. I think he is the man we need right now to get our country back on track. I will support Mr. Trump in becoming our next president. 

  17. I would LOVE to see Donald Trump in 2016! We need a man who can balance the national budget,  to pull US out of the red and into the black running it like a business,NOT an empire. But also with compassion I like that Mr.Trump ☺. PLEASE RUN! I would soooooooo vote for you!

  18. Donald Trump wouldn't do one thing different from what he was told by the NWO, just as all the rest have done. And Donald knows this all too well, and he's just another blow hard.

  19. The number one thing that Liberals cannot seem to grasp is that nothing is for free, the money for all of the "wonderful" things they want someone to give them.

    The second thing is that not everyone wants to be friends, so to blindly trust anyone is just plain ridiculous. The amount of denial is staggering. We live in a world that doesn't respect anyone unless they call them on their BS. Trying to be friends with people and countries like that only makes us look weak. Hey, I wish we did live in a world where everyone could get along, but we just don't.

    Thirdly (which is basically even before the first point above all), they need to understand that no one can change the Constitution.

    Fourth, most Liberals are young (although there are some older people who live in their own little world) and have no life experience and have never known what it's like to struggle so they can't appreciate just how good they have it. They are becoming drones, and that's scary and dangerous to the western way of life.

  20. all of these conservatives have propped trump up as a legitimate candidate. when he lise they'll have 4 more years to whine and cry that the world is ending. it's all about ratings they don't believe their own bullshit

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