Drones the next PlayStation game? Enlace Nacional RD

It’s warned CIA involvement in the drone strike programme could creating a “PlayStation mentality.” Watch Alyona play her own drone like video game and see what she thinks.


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  1. ZKY2

    As technology advances, video games are becoming more and more lifelike.

    They're not the cause of violence. They emulate it. In a virtual world, where nobody gets hurt.

    I play violent video games all the time, one such being Modern Warfare 2 (which has plenty of drone attacks). With this in mind, I know full well the difference between a game and real life. And if I were ever in a position to be in control of a real drone, I would not treat it like a game.

    Only insane people do that.

  2. David Nicholson

    @psxwarrior I'm not saying that playing Modern Warfare 2 will make you cold to killing. I'm just saying that these brain washed drone pilots treat it like a video game. Makes it even easier to kill. Man, what's to keep them from using this tech. within the US? I don't like the thought of that at all.

  3. David Nicholson

    On another note, they obviously knew what they were doing when they put her in shorts for this piece. I'm a Christian, and I hate being so hormonal towards women such as Alyona, who purposely wear cloths like this to attract a male audience.

  4. Dragon Butt

    Yeah, because there's nothing wrong with Toys with spycams? Which are cheaper than videogames? And isn't that Tom Clancey's Hawx for the 360? Microsoft should sue RT for some money xD

    I hate when RT snoops this low, making their otherwise star workers seem like dumb whores that dont know videogames from real life.

  5. Dragon Butt

    Not to mention Hawx was made by Ubisoft ROMANIA. Yeah, real American RT.
    Sometimes it's not even worth the Alyona show booty. And because a weapon view in a game is totally the same as a gunner's view in a Heli.

    It's crap stories like these that makes me want to smack dat ass AND punch her in the face. xD

  6. MrBenny147

    @SharpFPShooter Really? I thought the story was-while not award winning-relatively original. Don't know about your problems with connecting to MP but the team games are quite fun, it's basically a different game with PVP instead of the crappy AI. In all honesty, HAWX is not a good choice. In MP there is a missile called "All Aspect" that easily tracks anything and has heaps of ammo and people literally sit there and just spam it. Other than AC AH, I can recommend AC 6?

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