Duncan Bannatyne savages the waste of £148,000 of taxpayers’ money Enlace Nacional RD


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  1. Cash Back

    So based on the title how exactly did Duncan savage the waste of taxpayers money? Did he immediately go and give 148K to the funding body who gave it to this guy? Otherwise seems all he did was disapproval of someone giving someone else some money once?

  2. Antony Quigley

    For starters, these would be mostly used outside, and in most daytime conditions, you wouldn't be able to see the lights flashing, especially in the summer when most kids are outside… Fuck me people are stupid. 140 THOUSAND quid to make 4 colored cones with some lights. what the FUCK. and then he wants another 120. So thats 260 grand. Quarter of a MILLION pounds sterling for 4 cones and lights

  3. mizofan

    Multi millionaires who avoid and fiddle taxes cost the country tens of billions a year and the royal family is worth trillions of pounds that have been stolen, seized, plundered and paid for by ordinary people- let their money be redistributed. But of course the media owned by the crooked, unscrupulous and greedy billionaires and their cronies in government are much more interested in scapegoating and hammering the poor.

  4. Jack Williams

    Just shows Theo is cloud cuckoo land by saying "you didn't make any money you got seven thousand quid." People on the dole don't get 7 grand a year and some part time jobs don't make that much. It wouldn't be very nice but you could live frugally, people do all the time.

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