E3 Booth Babes, Nintendo WiiU & Sony Vita Revealed! Enlace Nacional RD

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45 comentarios en «E3 Booth Babes, Nintendo WiiU & Sony Vita Revealed! Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Jaimie

    man the wiiu is gonna be a portable wii.i freaking love new super mario bros wii and now i can play it like its a ds.i love it better than the ds one cos its just soo much better.

  2. raney150

    @TREC999 It's just you. It's a home console. Why would you even think it's a handheld console? THEY JUST FREAKING RELEASED A NEW HANDHELD CONSOLE THEY AREN"T GOING TO DESTROY ALL CHANCES OF IT SUCCEEDING! What you think is the whole console, is just the controller. The actual hardware that produces those amazing graphics and has the slot where you put the games in, is like a mixture of a Wii and Xbox 360 in looks.

  3. mega lookinggetyou

    @Cushions29 and thats why they are still make the best games ever created
    nintendo games are pritty much the same as they have always been thats why there games are so good if new super mario games had the same graphics as super mario 64 just with different levels they would still be better then every other game out there same with super mario bro. (though mario kart does look better these days ) – why would you change the perfect formula for the perfect game?

  4. InvkrMainr

    @MegaLookingatyou Because if you dont then its just a rip off.. You wouldn't buy a DVD for a film 4 times just to watch it 4 times. Also by the look of things the WiiU is STILL BEHIND in Technology that current PC's are using making them subpar the day they are released.

  5. mega lookinggetyou

    @Cushions29 you would be a dvd if it was the 2nd of the same film like godfather ii or lord of therings :the two towers, which is the same wit bying nintendo games – super mario galaxy 2 coms after super mario galaxy ( galaxy 2 is bettey) and then super mario 3dland is after it (all diferent game jus mad the and all the better for it), mariokart7 comes after mario kart wii ect… yes it is true that wiiu is only abit better graphics wis the ps3, but what the hell did people (ninty haters) think-

  6. mega lookinggetyou

    @Cushions29 – it would be the wii wa only abit more powerful then the ps2 i man come on whye hell woud you think it was going to be better then a pc graphic wise (it doesn't need to be its still more powerful then the wii thats the whole pint of ninteno releasing it they don't need a super console to beat off sony and the other one)

  7. InvkrMainr

    @MegaLookingatyou Trust me i used to be a big Nintendo Fan back in the day, with my N64 and OoT. I still think it is one of the greatest games i've ever played. But recently i don't think Nintendo is upto scratch, neither is Microsoft. I watched E3 live this year and i will be honest i laughed at it due to all the excitement over terrible games. Then Nintendo comes out on E3 and they announce the Wii U –

  8. InvkrMainr

    @MegaLookingatyou Now it would have potential, but it just seems lack luster. The games were nearly all just remakes and the console itself is pretty lacking in power and ability. The tablet isnt anything new or exiciting. The 3DS should have also flopped with the PSVita coming out soon, a much better handheld.

    As i said, i used to think Nintendo were a good company and i placed my faith in them but im not paying for Mario Party 77 or Super Mario 986 seeing how there was little effort involved.

  9. mega lookinggetyou

    @Cushions29 yes they do check up the rating of galaxy 2 (got the highest ratings of all time along with zelda OoT) if not check on all super mario games and compare them with the othe games that came out with in a few years , though sunshine didn't do to good but i can live with that its the worst one (but you can't say that wasn't original, its just originalin a bad way) – phantom hourglass is the worst zelda, but oddly i think spirit tracks is the best (now that original)

  10. Gerber Tuesday

    Wii has been sold millions more than the PS3 and xbox360, that's a fact. It's sad when people hate the Wii only cause of the graphics sucking a lot. So maybe the graphics isn't that good, but have you checked the gameplay? Let's say if the graphics were 5/5 but gameplay sucks ass, then there's no point of playing the game. I know graphics play a very important role, but jeez, stop looking at that only. Just saying. P.S. I don't hate PS3 and/or xbox360. I'm just not a big fan of them.

  11. Metalblaze124

    #1 problem….
    Billy "Hey man, cool new controller"
    Johnny "Thx bro, just got it"
    Billy "Wow that looks like fun, can I try?"
    Johnny "Sign here….and here…..and initial here….ok now you can play"
    Johnny "No. Go buy your own." (<— ploy to make more sales?)

    If it wasn't ridiculously obvious, my point is that if I owned this, I wouldn't let my GF touch it let alone kids or friends. When the controller is that expensive and delicate, no one touches it. GL marketing this.

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