FaZe Rug & James Charles ATTACKED!! #DramaAlert Andy Dick EXPOSED on Twitch! Tide Pods, Markiplier Enlace Nacional RD

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30 comentarios en «FaZe Rug & James Charles ATTACKED!! #DramaAlert Andy Dick EXPOSED on Twitch! Tide Pods, Markiplier Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. Hybrid iPanda

    Honestly idc if someone does the tide pod challenge they are pretty stupid but if I find someone in my town whos sick from it that goes to school with me Im laughing at them even if they threaten me

  2. Jnunez 061

    I don’t get it before FaZe Rug and James Charles collaborated James or FaZe Rug weren’t getting attacked you know they were doing their thing but now they collaborated and they are getting attacked like what did they do wrong

  3. SlendyDie Gaming

    Being gay is fine but makeup and women clothes is too much EXTERMINATE i have around 3 or 4 gay friends they all dress as a normal male does and dont wear makeup very loyal and good friends they just like men but makeup now thats some faggot shit

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