Fox News Warns Parents About The Perils Of Xbox Live Enlace Nacional RD


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  1. SadMonk7

    I am the kid in the white t shirt wearing the hat in this video. Fox completely changed the point of the story to be about why xbox is bad lol. I was a freshman in high school when this was filmed and now I'm in college. Its funny to look back on this video to reinforce my hatred for Fox news.

  2. mrshmuga9

    Watching some old Fox videos on video games to give me a good laugh. "What's a parent to do?" Um, freakin' be a parent, don't let your obviously children that are too young to play these games play them, moron. They pose it as if the parents have no power, well if that's the case they should ask their kids what's for dinner because apparently their kids are taking care of them 😛

  3. Maw

    Xbox allows your child to play with nameless, faceless, other people. 1st Xbox Live much be purchased with an email account credit card information. Your 12 year old son probably doesn't have billing information. 2nd When purchased an Xbox live account gives you the option to restrict lock and change the media settings of who the child can play with, hear, communicate with, etc… Why would anyone be worried?

  4. Peter Griffin

    that's not the fact if your a child which i doubt….. let me put it this way 2:05 ''how many times while playing xbox live have you heard the f-bomb'' well uhhh how many times have your heard the f-bomb at school or from your parents???

  5. Captain Deci

    There is a handy feature in all this if you don't want to hear this kind of shit… Hmmmm. Actually there are 2 features. One starts with an M and the other starts with a P- MUTE AND PRIVACY SETTINGS! IDIOTS!

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