FREE XBOX 360 GIVEAWAY!!!!! Enlace Nacional RD

Just Leave A Comment Saying U Want IT!!!!!!!!!!!



39 comentarios en «FREE XBOX 360 GIVEAWAY!!!!! Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. XCL Phanom

    Ive been wanting an xbox since last year 2010 and i really, really want one so i can play with my cousin and friends. it would be a dream come true if one of my favorite commentators gave me a free xbox plus a wireless controller.

  2. Michael Martinez

    Yo straight up you would be really sexy if you could hook me up with that xbox cause mines been acting up so I'd really appreciate if you could and if you do hook it up I'll show you how far the rabbit hole goes and cangrats on 2k subs

  3. Mark S.

    I want the xbox please im not making a sobby story to make you pick me its your choice. I give you respect for doing this giveaway. If i do get it I do want you to sign it k thanks 😀

  4. TheSeanster12

    hey, i would really freakin want this xbox man. I just recently just kicked out my house, cause i have a crazy mom. And she broke my xbox saying i played it to much, and now I dnt have any freakin thing to do. Please, can you help me out man. Plus I plan on making making COD videos, so the box will be put to good use. If you dnt pick me, oh well, ur my fave Youtuber man

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