Gamers4Croydon explains the XBOX 360 parental controls Enlace Nacional RD

Gamers4Croydon member and freelance filmmaker, Stephen Rangott, has put together this video to show everyone how to use the parental controls on the XBOX 360.

It’s informative and easy to follow. Game responsibly.


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  1. John Hansen

    Ok i have the new slim/… i have everything set so that i can play/watch ANYTHING when i try to play Forzamotorsport3 and go to the acution house or storefront it says the parental controls wont allow me too…WTF can someone help?

  2. Trent Ric

    @MrMister1227 Never mind my last comment i found out how to do it. You have to go to my xbox go to you avatar and then go to online safety and choose your settings.

  3. Raiguzei

    Just so everyone knows, Parents can manage your Xbox live account and make it where it wont let you. If you have xbox live. its on the internet at the xbox live website. The can make an account and be the parent of YOUR xox account. My mom is doing it right now and i want to download map packs n stuff but it wont let me. If anyone has a video on how to figure out my moms windows live pass or how to bypas it and give me freedom. i would be very thankful!

  4. ecotts

    @gamers4croydon thanks for your video.

    I have a question, when you have all the parental settings switched on, can you still view all music and video over your LAN from your NAS / UPNP device to the parental controlled account?

  5. Philip Stevens

    The "right" of parents to restrict their kid's behavior with the child's own property stems, at least in America, from the fact that, technically, people under the age of 18 cannot own property, because they aren't citizens. If a child has payed for, or has been gifted something, it should not be within the parent's powers to deny them the full use of said product. Secondly, if parents are not "tech savvy" enough to figure this process out on their own, their children should reap the benefits.

  6. John Hansen

    @ATRACTIVEMAN360 im 18 and i still have them… wtf… oh well I also have access to the parent account its just anoying to have to sign in as parent to download M rated demos

  7. Junior isaiah

    ii cant download any M rated content how do i fix it? i set everything to allow all and it still says that my account is not permitted to download content with this rating somewone help plz?

  8. Jason Weaver

    Thanks for the video. I'll share this, I didn't see how to restrict any purchases though. Or how to restrict their friends and voice communications, even video chat.

  9. RageTimePlays

    I'm trying to access the virgin gaming app on the Xbox but it says my profile isn't allowed to use this application. What do I do? HELP!!

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