GameSpot Now Playing – Kinect for the Xbox 360 Enlace Nacional RD

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Join us as we take a look at six of the games coming out for Kinect at launch.


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  1. PeteySlice

    Have to say, it looks impressive. I'm a ps3 owner and won't be buying an xbox just for this but it's so amazing what and how far technology has come along. I've got a the PS3 move and it's better than a Wii but the Kinect looks a different thing all together. Hopefully someone I know will get one so I can play on theirs.

  2. KathleenM1986

    @peagle08 I only bought the Xbox kinect for the Michael Jackson game 🙂 I had a Playstation two but it's oldfashioned now… what's great is the 250gb hard drive… good stuff for taking movies from cable television and other things:))

  3. KathleenM1986

    @peagle08 I'm not a core gamer so the Xbox is enough for me.. I even think that the Xbox kinect will be awesome!

    I work in a shop where they sell all the consoles and the Xbox is selling really well… wait and see 🙂

  4. maddoc79

    @SuperJohny666 you should really go to a doctor to get that checked out, if it's glowing you've been sticking it in some dirty places.

    also, if you think Kinect looks better than Move you should seek mental health advice.

  5. maddoc79

    @SuperJohny666 who the fuck is everyone? you and your friends? the Move has proved itself to work as promised, not only with party games but more serious games like RE5 and Heavy Rain and with the line up of up coming games will certainly prove itself even more. The Kinect has not shown itself worthy of it's price tag, and probably never will.

    it doesn't even work on all the menus which was one of it's selling points.

  6. crashdummy40

    lol dude with the mic looks bored as shit he prolly thinking this is sooo gay wow i can be a fat hampster this is fucking lame kinectimals is the only thing that seemed even remotely interesting and wtf is up with the flying fucking faggot fairy squirrel with the echo voice did your character drop a couple hits of acid or what what a fucking joke

  7. Zeeno

    @zoliviragh idiot i got both ps3 360 -__-. I'm dissappointed with kinect cuz its pretty buggy, sillyly expensive and worst of all, has no games to appeal to we the gamers that made the gaming sector of M$ what it is today. Aka, its just forgetting us and looking for more ppl to drain money from, i really HATE that. You don't like the move, but you couldn't state any reasons it disapoints . I love both my consoles but i'm soo so disappointed that MS would go for money b4 we fans. Thats my opinion

  8. crashdummy40

    @420brandyn go buy the KMK / kotton mouth kings cd that has the high enhancer visualization dvd get fucked up and watch that shit if you wanna trip lol trust oh and use the biggest tv u can my 52 inch back in the day was perfect i dont get the same effect on my 32 in 🙁 i smoked up sum good dank nug man and tried to watch it i started shaking and it made my brain feel like it was fizzing pop prolly get it at amazon

  9. Zeeno

    @420brandyn The Forza and gotham racing thing doesn't appeal much, i'm a bit of a racing fan and what we enjoy about racing is the controller (thats why they make wheels with force feedback) the kinect won't help make the experience better there, but star wars does sound tempting! xD (haha but then again, wii or Sony's dildo might be more suited for that lol)

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