GTA 4 XBOX 360 freeze Enlace Nacional RD

Not only does the game freeze,it also locks up the console requiring a hard reset.Hopefully,Rockstar are working on a f@#$%* patch.

Note:Opening cutscene was skipped due to the nature of the scene.


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  1. sn00piedog

    I got bad luck becuz mine was made in october but my little brother stomped on it when it was lying on it's side and now it freezes on games and gave me some errors so I have to send it to microsoft and get a refurbrished one when mine was only 6 months old!!!!!

  2. TheTheatreGeek

    So it will work if I install it to the hard drive? I have the New Xbox Experience, I got it off of a demo disc from OXM. I am getting a hard drive next month. I am playing through a second time, and on Late Checkout, the whole system freezes right before I finish the mission. I tried about 10 times over and finally passed it. But on Phil Bell's first mission, it does the same thing. I cant do missions anymore without the freeze. If I just mess around it doesnt freeze though.

  3. The Bananas Has Gone Bad

    can somebody relate with me on my problem. Almost every online game i join or make crashes. at some point,every player starts lagging and then suddenly bam everybody leaves and a list of players leaving is on the top left corner all at once. It is driving me nuts!

  4. Martin Walker

    the wierd thing about mines is first of all when i take out my phone in gta 4 it doesnt apper then i keep pressing down and nothing happens its like im holding nothing and every time i enter a car while that happens when im in the car it just freezes plz help

  5. kris mallet

    man that sucks when a game freezes… u beat a fairly difficult mission.. it doesnt save.. ur about to go save .. u get there about 5 steps from ur save point… and it freezes…. its happend.. it sucks..

  6. Kevo C

    This is what happened to me except I got to like the brucie levels and stuff, i just completed the mission where you race with the comet with brucie and I parked my car outside the safehouse, was just gonna run into the house but it froze!!! anyone know the problem? It doesn't freeze on my other games…

  7. sohchx

    I am having freeze issues 5 minutes into every deathmatch I do. WHat gives ? It's 2011 I though freeze issues were resolved back in 2008. Tried three different copies of GTA and still have the issue.

  8. Dat Doom Guy

    mines worse it stops at logo that says gta iv and it locks my system to the point that i take it out of my xbox it still says gta iv then i turn it off and i try again and it happens evrytime and i have 3 copies of it and it does it to all 3 and my system is a christmas model that out in 2007 mine has no hard drive and yet all my games i download or buy they work but not this one..weird

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