Hackable Gaget News – Kindle Fire,XBox360 and Windows 8 Enlace Nacional RD

Cyanogen Mod 7 on Kindel Fire and IceCream Sandwich

Chevy now willing to buy back volt if you ask

Who killed the electric car

Revenge of the electric car

xbox 360 dash board update

Smurfs Dance Party

Windows 8 App Store

Google Doc’s for schools


7 comentarios en «Hackable Gaget News – Kindle Fire,XBox360 and Windows 8 Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. uruk912

    Pox would you consider talking about Linux related things? Such as OS' and programs you would suggest.
    I miss the days of psp hacking 101 so I'd like to see more of the OH LOOK WHAT YOU CAN DO TO THIS. Lol
    Keep them coming pox 😀

  2. m0dm0use

    @pox98 will you be covering/ talking about the ccc (28c3) later this month?

    Also a heads up you may want to look at GBATEMP in the 3DS section on the forum they are working on converting any 3D video to play on the 3DS, thanks to the update last week any 3D video 10 minutes or less will be viewable.

  3. Too Smart Guys

    @m0dm0use Cool, I'm working on guide/video to do the reverse. Shoot 3D on the 3DS and convert the video to upload it to youtube or playback on a 3D TV.

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