InFamous Gameplay/Commentary | Soon Free on PlayStation Store Enlace Nacional RD

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This is just gameplay video on the game called InFamous which was released around 2009. I got this game a few weeks ago and loved it since. I couldn’t stop playing the game because it was just amazing. This game will available for free when the playstation network comes back to us. Which is why I made this video to show you guys how the game plays. Hope you Enjoy!

InFamous Gameplay/Commentary
InFamous Gameplay/Commentary
InFamous Gameplay/Commentary

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  1. Cena121234

    @zHyngeDesigns today they released the WB package on the store to get the free games select PS3/PSP(which ever the free game is on)FREE GAME 1 hit get now this will take like a minute to register then select your first free game do the same for the second except it will say PS3/PSP FREE GAME 2
    if you have both a ps3 and psp you can get four free games (two for each system)

  2. Adrian Alfaro

    IanRock31 I just got Sonic 2 from PSN Store from Playstation Plus, downloading inFamous, getting Ghostbusters (the movie), and getting another free game. SONY kicks ass. If Microsoft went down you know they would never do this shit.

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