”Islam is the Light” returns…thanks to Nintendo DS Enlace Nacional RD

Someone needs to investigate this. Who, what, when, where and why. It would be an interesting story.






37 pensamientos sobre “”Islam is the Light” returns…thanks to Nintendo DS Enlace Nacional RD

  1. boptillyouflop

    Surprise, surprise, they discovered that everybody uses licensed (and sometimes unlicensed!) sound banks. So of course, that sample is probably in multiple things all over the place (TV shows, flash games, you name it).

  2. zau64

    Its just a sound clip of baby gibberish. Give me some clips of baby gibberish and I can find something that sounds like some brainwash message. Its just too easy. Those clips are used by various sources. If you pay attention you'll notice that every other dog sounds the same on movies, tv, and games.

  3. fudgesauce

    Google the psychological term "priming." The baby's talk sounds like that phrase only if you were already told what to expect. If you hadn't been told beforehand, or had been told another phrase, you wouldn't make the connection.

  4. williamthebrit

    How is this worthy of being on the news, any news, even local news.
    It's a stock sound effect that stupid people have decided is promoting Islam, that's really their problem not Nintendo's. But then those primarily Buddhist and Shintoist Japanese are always trying to spread Islam aren't they, so why shouldn't people be suspicious! (That's sarcasm btw).

  5. anit shrestha

    My obese cousin was able to make the most beautiful stripper I’ve ever seen fall for him as he used the Cupid Love System (search in Google). It’s bad but I wish I’d been happy for him but I wish an eye-catching person would fall for me. I’m totally green with envy. Does that mean I’m a lousy human being?

  6. You're not on fire yet.

    The only thing that needs to be investigated is the level of disease to take root in people's minds from the propaganda and paranoia that is pushed at us daily, it's not different from crazy islamic extremists and their gibberish, I really thought this kind of thing could only happen in third world countries.

  7. Gus Alcon

    delight Thats what I hear…. not sure about Islam at the start dough. but if it says islam is the light it clearly is for muslim kids like a halal toy lol, start making christian toys if it bother believer so much.

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