Kilroy Event is Falling Apart Enlace Nacional RD

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What was intended to be a free speech event has devolved into a mess involving open bobs, doxing servers, getting mad online, and functional illiteracy.

Kraut admits daily updates to server members:

College tour:

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23 comentarios en «Kilroy Event is Falling Apart Enlace Nacional RD»

  1. jay thovin

    One reason I'm glad I'm selfish as hell I never give a dime of my money to ANYONE and people that do are dumb because any one asking for money is just a lazy ass hole that needs to get a job and a 100% scammer especially YouTubers acting like they need money to sit on there ass and make videos or have some stupid event hashtag my asshole in your mouth internet

  2. KG

    Wow, throwing the subscriber size out there. That's funny. Also, whining about not being able to speak on something when it's clearly explained why it isn't possible is just sad. There may be a lot that is fucked up about the whole situation but stop the bs. If a board nixed the topic already, you know two things: it's not just based mama and they aren't likely to bring it back when they are overbooked on panels. Also only a petty bastard says the based shit more than once. Damn, and I thought you were a halfway mature person.

  3. Larry Jenkins

    Yeah. Watched this all the way through. The Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreement, yeah, pretty lame. The "Based" tags, not cool. James you may have almost 200K subscribers but I can see why people might not take you seriously. If you are going to make a point, make it. Don't stoop to making fun of someone. Just because they teed it up so well doesn't mean you have to swing at it. Show some class.

    Edit: One misspelling and one double word.

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