Leftists Are Abusing This Child (RESPONSE) Enlace Nacional RD

This ten year old boy is being dressed up by his parents as a “drag queen.” Here’s why the parents- and the media celebrating it- may be complicit in permanently abusing this child.

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ORIGINAL VIDEO LINK: https://www.facebook.com/MicMedia/videos/1731532113536238/

I’m not sure why Vegas rendered those flickers while the original is playing.

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24 pensamientos sobre “Leftists Are Abusing This Child (RESPONSE) Enlace Nacional RD

  1. vin 950

    He sounds like he has been coached to say these things. this is so disgusting. There is nothing borderline about this. Its flat out abusive. This is why transgender or homosexual parents should not be allowed to adopt and raise children. Its incredibly sickening to think that we would put children in a situation like that.

  2. w00denmumb0

    So you're telling me that because this child was playing with makeup when he was 2 months old means that he is destined to become a crossdresser at 10?

    So if someone's child gets ahold of a firearm and fidgets with it, *as infants are known to do with things*, then it's just destiny to encourage him and end up buying an entire arsenal by the time he hits his double digits?

    Also I'd like to point out that there is no way under the sun that leftists would encourage the same behavior from a girl wanting to become a boy.

  3. Beaver Brain

    What the fuck is wrong with the husband/father? It's the man's job to prevent the woman from acting out her own neurotic fantasies on her children. This is an extreme case of a woman trying to turn her son into a perpetual mama's boy so that she will never have to compete with other women for his love.

    FUCK THAT. Men, keep these North American women in check.

  4. Delia D

    46% of all child molestations are homosexual. Mostly men molesting boys, however I've also heard of an increase in cases of women molesting girls. To be clear, I don't hate or have anything against homosexuals – nor do I think all, or even a majority of them are child abusers, but I do see a disturbing disproportionate of homosexuals vs, heterosexuals when it comes to child sexual abuse.

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